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CrossView is supportive of all efforts to share the Gospel clearly, whether that is in Australia, elsewhere in the “West”, or throughout the “developing world”. We applaud all initiatives to evangelize, even in areas where there is already some witness. But we are unashamedly focused on those people groups in the world with the least access to the Gospel. There are reasons why these groups are in this situation; e.g. they are difficult to get to, uncomfortable or dangerous places to live in, or there is some other factor like political or religious opposition to the Truth there. CrossView is committed to giving the largest portion of whatever resources God provides to seeing people in those kinds of places provided with real access to His Word.

For security and privacy reasons we have not provided the specific locations of where we have members working.

CrossView's Current Global Members

Partner teams we are connected to within our global family

Unengaged People groups with no churches in their language

Our Mission Partners

We are connected to a number of mission organizations and church planting teams around the world, we call these our Mission Partners. CrossView works with those who are interested in serving in these different locations by connecting them to the right Mission Partner. CrossView’s training program is tailored to equip candidates specifically for the Mission Partner they are interested in serving with.

Below are the organizations or teams who CrossView currently has formalized relationships with and whose training standards we are able to meet:

NTM / Global Partners

Through NTM, Christian missionaries do Bible translation and evangelism to plant churches among unreached people groups around the world.

NTM / Global Partners works primarily in countries where missionary identities are possible; e.g. Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Asia Pacific, Africa, South America and more…

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Asia Team

Asia Team members seek to live out their faith in authentic ways by living and working within communities in Asia. They are supported workers, focused on the least-reached people groups and joined by shared values, convictions and commitments to Christ.

Asia Team Works in ‘Creative Access’ areas throughout the mainland and the islands of Asia where entry is based on legitimate educational, medical, business or humanitarian activities.

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Other Teams

CrossView is actively involved in looking for other like-minded agencies with whom we can develop relationships and whose candidates we can train. If you are interested in serving in a particular part of the world or with a particular team, please contact us or connect us with the agency of your choice so we can explore options for you.

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