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The CONNECT Program


CONNECT is CrossView’s cross-cultural equipping program. It designed to be highly flexible and can be adjusted to suit the experience, time frames and intended ministry context of participants. When people ask us to help equip them to work cross-culturally, CrossView plays the role of connector, providing resources and facilitation in conjunction with the local church and also the mission agency or ministry team they hope to join.


The program is set up to equip believers with a foundational understanding of what it takes to communicate clearly across cultures, and what is involved in effective discipleship and in planting churches that grow on to maturity.


The curriculum and tutorials required are accessible online and regular connection is maintained with CrossView through our local hubs and trainers along the journey. We also run workshops and events in our three locations on particular topics throughout the year.

Starting local to go global


CONNECT is built on the premise that for someone to be properly equipped to function in a totally different context, they need first of all to know how to function in the context most familiar to them. Before we can understand another worldview, and help people to apply Truth, we need to first have the light of God’s Word shone on the values and assumptions that shape our own thinking.


The program therefore takes a non-residential and non-classroom approach in order to cultivate a work ethic and motivation that will be required when held up to the present realities that all face on the field.

Our Training process here

Realities of cross-cultural contexts

Requires Self Sustained faith and motivation Requires Self Sustained faith and motivation
Requires Perseverance Requires Perseverance
Requires living in the community as best way to learn the culture Requires living in the community as best way to learn the culture
Values the support of the church as the sender and in being involved in the task Values the support of the church as the sender and in being involved in the task

Participants live in regular housing in the local community and part of their time are involved in “normal” things like employment, study, voluntary work, community groups, church ministries, etc. Meanwhile the CONNECT program helps them relate God’s Word to their every day experiences, and to what they’re learning to observe about themselves and others around them. They are also encouraged through an atmosphere of discipleship to live out that Truth in very real, practical ways.


As participants progress through the program, they are gradually helped to look beyond their own setting and to picture other contexts that are much less familiar. Once the groundwork has been laid for understanding their own worldview and society, it gives them a basis to look at others; the tools they’ve been equipped with can now be used to understand other cultures, beliefs and ways of seeing life – and, most importantly, they learn how God’s Word can be shared effectively in settings where it has not previously penetrated.


We would like to help participants to see how God’s Story (His complete version of the way things actually are) impacts the way they relate to their friends and family, the way they interact in the community and the part they play in their local church.


We believe that there is an important role in the equipping process for the home churches of participants – that their local church is a vital element in their preparation and eventual ministry. Why? Because home churches provide the best equipping context, and we believe they will also benefit from having their members in the CONNECT program. They will have the final responsibility as their members go out to minister, and so they have a vital role in evaluation of the candidate’s readiness to go.

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