Church Partnership

CrossView Australia is passionate about the local church having a global impact. We believe in local initiatives, but a global perspective is non-negotiable as Christ’s commission to make disciples of all nations is not yet accomplished. Our training model ties the mission back to the church, presenting the church with the shared task of equipping and sending, alongside CrossView and other like-minded teams.


It is the desire of CrossView to see CONNECT Program participants continue to function and grow within a local body, and so we have intentionally developed a training model that allows them to do this. If the goal is to make disciples and plant a church, then it makes good sense for the training and sending process to reflect something that can be reproduced on the field – to see churches planted that make disciples and then equip and send their members out to make more disciples.

When someone approaches CrossView to be trained through the CONNECT program, we discuss with them all that is expected from them and what they should expect from us. We then look for agreement between the home church, CrossView and the participants as they begin the program.

Becoming a CONNECT Partner Church

We would like, not only to equip individual members of churches, but to see the relationship with a church go further. We would love for churches to see us at CrossView as a valuable contributor to equipping any of their members who are headed for cross-cultural ministries, and for them to feel a real connection with us as genuine partners in the Great Commission. We would be delighted if some might even be willing to formalize a relationship with us as a “CONNECT Partner Church”. Of course every church is slightly different from another, so we realize that there will be some differences in how the relationship between CrossView and individual churches will develop.

Once the church has members who are going ahead with the CONNECT training program, church leaders and CrossView Staff connect to discuss the pathway of particular CONNECT participants. Each training pathway will look different depending on the individual. 

Connect with us


 We are here to help. If you would like any more information or would like to discuss ministry opportunities with us please get in touch.