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Developing a Learning Pathway


Everyone is different, with a whole range of gifts, abilities and skills. Our lives have also all taken different paths. When people come to us for help in preparing for cross-cultural work, some have had previous experience and training, while others have had very little. Their time frames, life-situations, the teams they want to work with, and the contexts they are anticipating also vary. And so we believe it makes sense that the way they are equipped should have some variations as well. It’s not a case of “one size fits all”.


CrossView CONNECT staff work with individuals and their churches to develop a personalized timeline and objectives based on the particular area or type of ministry they are aiming at. For example, if they are drawn to a “Creative Access” area they might need to do extra study or achieve other qualifications in business or education so they have a legitimate basis for living in countries that don’t give visas to religious workers. Or, alternatively, to work among a people group living a traditional “tribal” lifestyle might mean learning some skills in providing simple medical care or in setting up a 12-volt electrical system.


Creating a tailored equipping pathway allows participants to acquire the resources they need to suit the contexts they want to work in. This inbuilt flexibility also means that at any point the participants, their churches, and CONNECT staff together can decide on a change of direction, and adjustments can be made or elements added in to the training.


Regular Connection


As participants work through the online curriculum they are in regular contact with the CONNECT team members who receive and give feedback on their submitted assignments. We provide a forum for participants to discuss their assignments, and each Tutorial also includes discussion questions specifically designed to relate the curriculum material to their immediate culture and life.  Because the program happens in “real life”, the relationship between staff and participants provides opportunities for conversations about the normal challenges and joys of life in the community as they live, work and study. These personal connections take place each week in face-to-face meetings, via Skype, telephone, email or a combination.


Regular connection is a vital part of the program, allowing participants and the CrossView staff to process together the things the Lord is bringing to light and teaching them all through His Word applied in real life.




Approximately every six weeks, participants in the CONNECT program can meet at one of our workshops. Not only are these enjoyable times of fellowship, but they also include sessions and discussions around a particular topic, such as Worldview, World Needs, or Language and Culture. These times are an important component of the program to bring participants together as part of a group focused on similar goals, and they also provide an opportunity for participants to interact with visiting cross-cultural workers or to focus on a particular relevant area.




CrossView does not charge for it’s training program but we provide the option for you to contribute and partner with us in this ministry by offering a donation.

We would suggest setting up a monthly donation to CrossView during your partipation in the program. This amount can be of your choosing and can be as you can afford. Funds will go towards covering the travel of guest speakers, workshops, resource material and other costs related to running this sort of program.

The AccessTruth Curriculum has to be purchased via the AccessTruth website for approximately $520, think of this as the text books for the course. There may be additional costs for specific retreats and conferences where accommodation is required.

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