The Process

Each persons journey will look different, but here are 9 general steps that we see as a process for those participating in the CONNECT program.



Step 1. Making first contact

Someone who’s interested fills out a form and gets in contact with us.


Step 2. Talking on the phone

Both sides get to ask some questions and find out more about each other.


Step 3. Sitting down to chat

The next thing is a face to face meeting at one of the regional hubs when potential participants and CONNECT staff can talk more extensively about goals and begin to project a possible training pathway.


Step 4. Meeting with the church

If at all possible, someone from CONNECT will then meet with the potential participants and their church leaders to hear from them, to explain the program and get their feedback on the training pathway that has been drafted.


Step 5. Starting into the program

Participants begin to work through the modules that have been decided on, submitting their discussion questions and assignments for feedback. They attend the organized CONNECT workshops and seek out interaction with staff.


Step 6. Reviewing progress

CONNECT staff are keen to meet with participants and their church leaders twice a year to review how the equipping process is moving forward and to hear feedback from each other.


Step 7. Contacting ministry teams

As the end of the training process comes in sight, participants interact with CONNECT staff about recommendations for working with CrossView’s different Ministry Partners. At that point candidates begin to make contact with different teams and go through their approval process.


Step 8. Developing a support network

Throughout the course of their training, participants are encouraged to develop a network of people and churches who will support them in prayer and practically. This usually becomes more of a focus as they complete the program and prepare to move into their ministry context.


Step 9. Heading out but staying connected

For most who complete the CONNECT program the next step is moving to another country. CrossView is committed to continuing to help those people in any possible way by staying closely in touch with them and their churches.

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