As we seek to understand all that God reveals about Himself, observe how this plays out in the narrative of Scripture, follow the Church’s response to the Great Commission over the last 2000 years, and trace His loving hand in our own lives, we come to some important conclusions that shape our focus as CrossView Australia.

1. Like the apostle Paul, we feel that we are compelled or urged forward by Christ’s love. Because He died to give us life, we cannot consider our lives our own (2 Corinthians 5:14,15). We want to make our lives available to Christ for his purposes.

2. It is clear that God does not want any humans to be lost in an eternity separated from Him (2 Peter 3:9). He desires everyone to have the opportunity to hear the Good News of what He has provided through His Son so they can enjoy a relationship with Him forever. We want to play a part in God’s great rescue effort (Acts 17:30).

3. We see that Christ has empowered His Body, the Church, to reach out with His Word and His life into their own communities and then beyond, until everyone has had opportunity to hear. We want to be willing servants who contribute to the Church’s task.

4. We understand that God has determined that there will be representatives from every people group in eternity, giving grateful praise to Christ as their Saviour and King. At this time in history He is partnering with His Body to reach out to these groups. We want to help in the Church’s efforts to make God’s Word accessible to the world’s people groups with the least opportunity, either by going ourselves or helping, where we can, others who are going.

Core Values


  • The Word of God as Our Final Authority
  • A Spirit-Controlled Life
  • Dependence on God
  • The Role and Responsibility of the Local Church
  • Readiness to Sacrifice for Christ and His Church
  • Godly Relationships and Interdependence in Ministry
  • The Potential of All Lives to be Used by God in the Great Commission
  • Excellence and Urgency in All We Do to Finish the Task
Partnering with the Local Church

As part of the Body of Christ we seek to serve and partner with His church however we can. Among other things, that means helping churches here to motivate, equip and help their members to work cross-culturally either overseas or in Australia. We would love to see any churches planted as a result be able to reach out and plant churches in their own areas and beyond.


Seeing mature, reproducing churches established

What is needed most desperately around the world today is local churches with a vision and an avenue available to equip their members to reach out effectively with the Gospel, to see more churches planted and growing on to maturity. We want to communicate that need however we can and help workers go out who will not be satisfied with efforts within an area or people group until everything possible, in God’s strength, has been done to see churches established that have this kind of vision and capability.

Focused on unreached people groups

We’re convinced that God is reaching out during this era to the Gentile nations and people groups in order for them to have access to the Gospel and then, as churches are planted and established, to contribute themselves in carrying out the Great Commission. Our priority as a team remains those people groups not previously impacted by the Church, or among which the Church’s witness has so far been minimal.

Long-term ministry

We believe that in order to present a clear Gospel message that draws people to saving faith in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, cross-cultural workers need to become part of communities, pursue relationships, gain insights into culture, and acquire vernacular languages so that they can communicate the Gospel clearly. We believe evangelism should always be aimed at the development of churches in the communities where it takes place.

Foundational, heart-language Bible teaching

We believe that effective Bible teaching must present a panoramic picture of God acting consistently at different stages of human history with the purpose of ultimately revealing Himself to man through His incarnate Son. We are committed to teaching in this way. It is also our conviction that wherever possible, people should have an opportunity to hear the Gospel in the language with which they are most familiar and which will speak most directly to their hearts.

Heart-language translation

We place a huge value on ministry in the heart language of people and in a culturally appropriate way. Ministry teams invest years in developing strategies that contribute to effective communication, delivering the story of redemption in an oral and contextual way, finding a balance and effectiveness in ministry by combining oral teaching and translated Scripture with helping motivated learners to become literate and motivating others toward literacy. We support church planting efforts that ensure a New Testament (and other Old Testament portions) is translated faithfully, clearly, accurately and naturally.

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