CrossView Australia is a team that wants to be all about the task Jesus left the Church, of teaching and making disciples around the world. As a not-for-profit organisation, we look for fruitful collaborations with local churches and the missions community in Australia. We also maintain and continue to add to a network of strategic partnerships with a broad variety of like-minded ministry teams around the world.

We are a cross-cultural church planting training and consultancy agency that is committed to seeing churches planted in places where there is little or no gospel witness. We advocate for those that have never had an opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus in their own language and train and support new church planters through a church-based equipping program and through interaction with our coaches and experienced consultants.

We are not a sending agency but a service agency. As people connect with us we work with them and their church leadership to determine the kind of team or organisation that will be the best fit for them and the timing for transition into full-time roles.

The three things we do can be summarised as:

Advocacy –  for least-reached peoples, for long-term church planting objectives, for seeing the Bible in every language.

Training – through our Connect Program, workshops and events.

Supporting – through consultants, producing helpful resources and connecting with Australian churches.