CONNECT is CrossView’s cross-cultural equipping program. It designed to be highly flexible and can be adjusted to suit the experience, time frames and intended ministry context of participants. When people ask us to help equip them to work cross-culturally, CrossView plays the role of connector, providing resources and facilitation in conjunction with the local church and also the mission agency or ministry team they hope to join.

The program is set up to equip believers with a foundational understanding of what it takes to communicate clearly across cultures, and what is involved in effective discipleship and in planting churches that grow on to maturity.

The curriculum and tutorials required are accessible online and regular connection is maintained with CrossView through our local facilitators and trainers along the journey. We also run workshops and events on particular topics throughout the year.

Starting local to go global

CONNECT is built on the premise that for someone to be properly equipped to function in a totally different context, they need first of all to know how to function in the context most familiar to them. Before we can understand another worldview, and help people to apply Truth, we need to first have the light of God’s Word shone on the values and assumptions that shape our own thinking.

The program therefore takes a non-residential and non-classroom approach in order to cultivate a work ethic and motivation that will be required when held up to the present realities that all face on the field.

Participants live in regular housing in the local community and part of their time are involved in “normal” things like employment, study, voluntary work, community groups, church ministries, etc. Meanwhile the CONNECT program helps them relate God’s Word to their every day experiences, and to what they’re learning to observe about themselves and others around them. They are also encouraged through an atmosphere of discipleship to live out that Truth in very real, practical ways.

As participants progress through the program, they are gradually helped to look beyond their own setting and to picture other contexts that are much less familiar. Once the groundwork has been laid for understanding their own worldview and society, it gives them a basis to look at others; the tools they’ve been equipped with can now be used to understand other cultures, beliefs and ways of seeing life – and, most importantly, they learn how God’s Word can be shared effectively in settings where it has not previously penetrated.

We would like to help participants to see how God’s Story (His complete version of the way things actually are) impacts the way they relate to their friends and family, the way they interact in the community and the part they play in their local church.

We believe that there is an important role in the equipping process for the home churches of participants – that their local church is a vital element in their preparation and eventual ministry. Why? Because home churches provide the best equipping context, and we believe they will also benefit from having their members in the CONNECT program. They will have the final responsibility as their members go out to minister, and so they have a vital role in evaluation of the candidate’s readiness to go.


How long is the course?

It does not have a set time period. Because candidates do not all start from the same point, it follows that they will not all complete the program in the same amount of time. Also, for some, the CONNECT program is integrated with full-time university studies; this is obviously a determining factor as far as the duration. Staff involves the candidates and their churches in determining an appropriate completion point.

How much will it cost?

CrossView does not charge for it’s training program but we provide the option for you to contribute and partner with us in this ministry by offering a donation.

We would suggest setting up a monthly donation to CrossView during your partipation in the program. This amount can be of your choosing and can be as you can afford. Funds will go towards covering the travel of guest speakers, workshops, resource material and other costs related to running this sort of program.

The AccessTruth Curriculum has to be purchased via the AccessTruth website for approximately $520, think of this as the text books for the course. There may be additional costs for specific retreats and conferences where accommodation is required.

Why is the training self-paced?

The CONNECT program attempts to simulate the self-paced ministry commitment that is faced overseas on many fields. On the field no one will be checking everyday to see your progress – the work done out there is predominantly reliant on you setting the goals and then achieving them. CrossView does not want to push people out on to the field, especially those that the ministry is not suited to. We want those who are deeply convinced of the task, motivated by God’s Spirit, stepping out with a strong commitment, not to any organization, but to the Lord and the purposes He has for them.

Where is it located?

Participants live in private housing in the community, candidates are helped to decide on a location and housing option that best serves their equipping process and allows for regular and personal contact with CrossView staff.

What about working or studying?

Work, study and other community involvement is actively encouraged as a complementary part of the CONNECT program. We believe this enhances the learning and growing experience because it more closely mirrors the real-life experience of workers in cross-cultural contexts.

Will I need a computer?

Yes. Materials for the course will be only available online, and you will need to be in email or Skype contact with our staff.

Who should I contact with questions?

Contact us any time with questions using the online contact form, phone, or email.

What are the reasons for designing what is clearly a non-traditional program like this?

Because not everyone starts from the same point or learns at the same pace.
To focus on truth played out in real life rather than on information, classrooms and campus life.
To allow for other studies and preparation to be interwoven with the CONNECT
A flexible program is best suited for equipping people to work in the endless variety of contexts that exist.

With such a flexible program, does that mean that nothing is pinned down at all?

No, many things in the CrossView CONNECT program are clearly defined; such as a syllabus, a curriculum, texts, learning objectives and overall outcomes.

Who has developed the program and what kind of people make up the staff of CrossView?

The CONNECT program has been developed by people with extensive personal experience in cross-cultural church planting. It has also had extensive input from others who are familiar with Australian culture and the Christian community.
Staff are committed believers, with proven track records in training, cross-cultural church planting, discipleship and Bible teaching.

Are candidates entirely on their own or is there a sense of belonging to something and somewhere?

Although candidates are not always together as a class, opportunities are made for those in the CONNECT program to interact and share their experiences together.
At different times, participants gather for modules, specific events and times of interaction at the local workshops or retreats.

When it comes to working overseas, do I ‘go with CrossView’ overseas?

CrossView Australia does not function as a traditional ‘mission agency’. CrossView connects participants who have done training with us to partner field teams. So you would be joining a particular partner team overseas, and going with that team, not as ‘CrossView’. CrossView Australia would be regarded as just a partner in the training and supporting of your ministry. Those who complete the CONNECT program remain Global Members of CrossView Australia, and we wish to remain in a supportive relationship with them throughout their ministry.

What about Pastoral Care?

We do not run a formalised pastoral care ministry; most fields overseas independently offer this kind of support. We will assist and connect you with someone that can support you in this area.