We work with churches, families or couples who are wanting to get a taste and be exposed to what is involved in cross-cultural church planting ministries. For those that approach us wanting to gain this exposure first hand, we can help in organizing an exposure trip.

They are called ‘exposure trips’ because the places that we see people working predominately in are not places where a team goes for two weeks to do evangelism, but the majority of scenarios are long-term commitments that require long-term strategies in making sure the Gospel is presented clearly and accurately.

We can guide people to a particular area to be exposed to this kind of work. Along the way, we have a range of material that will work alongside the trip in understanding more about church planting methodology as well as skills in culture & language learning. We hope this wouldn’t be something that plays out as just a fun adventure holiday, but the beginning of a journey that sees others participating in following our Saviour into His mission of making disciples of all nations.